Tackling dangerous points for better road safety

Dutch speaking chamber on June 7, 2022

With its approach to dangerous points, Flemish government is aiming for victim-free traffic by 2050. The historic programme, in which 800 dangerous points would be tackled in 5 years, will only be fully implemented 22 years after the start at a cost of approximately one billion euros. Since 2018, Flemish government has adopted a new approach: it annually publishes a dynamic list of dangerous points detected that year. The 2021 dynamic list contained 313 dangerous points: 101 new locations and 212 locations that were already on previous lists. In the 4 years of dynamic operation, 580 unique dangerous points were detected, of which 232 points were under construction or implemented by the end of 2021. The dynamic operation cost is unclear. During the entire implementation period, government did little monitoring or evaluation, so that there is no certainty about the value for money.