SNCB/NMBS, Infrabel & SNCB/NMBS Holding : Assessment of the management contracts implementation

general assembly on January 27, 2016

On 23 July 2015, the Chamber of Representatives has adopted a resolution charging the Court of Audit with an investigation concerning the Belgian Railways and Infrabel. The assignment regards the following points:

  • to examine the compliance of the terms and the achievement of the objectives of the management contracts entered into by the federal government on the one hand and the Belgian Railways, Infrabel and the NMBS/SNCB-Holding on the other hand from 29 June 2008 onwards;
  • to examine whether the federal financing of the public service missions was completely and exclusively assigned to meet the set objectives;
  • to verify how the compulsory nature of the performance of the management contracts could be reinforced;
  • to verify how the internal audit procedures can be improved.
The Court of Audit sent the results of its assignment to the Chamber of Representatives in the report An assessment of the performance of the management contracts with the Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB), Infrabel and the NMBS/SNCB-Holding.