Report on the Public Accounts 2023

Dutch speaking chamber on June 28, 2024

The Court of Audit reports on its audit of the general account of the Flemish Community in three certification reports on the various sub-accounts, which must be read in conjunction with each other. The Court of Audit again refrained from issuing a statement on the economic annual accounts due to uncertainties and missing or insufficiently substantiated data in the balance sheet. The budget account and the ESA reporting of the Flemish Community received an unqualified opinion. The Court also reports on its audit of the ESA consolidated accounts of the Flemish state government, where it once again formulated an unqualified opinion. The Flemish government ended the 2023 financial year with a deficit of 2.4 billion euros and a consolidated debt of 39.5 billion euros. The Court of Audit also pointed out the poor quality of the policy and budget explanatory notes, the many carry-overs to 2024 of unused commitment appropriations and a number of important bottlenecks in the financing of the municipalities.