Report on the Public Accounts 2022

Dutch speaking chamber on June 30, 2023

Partly due to the financial consequences of the energy and Ukraine crisis, the Government of Flanders closed its consolidated account at the end of 2022 with a deficit of 2.1 billion euros, which is better than the deficit of 3.9 billion euros estimated in the budget adjustment. The Court of Audit formulated an unqualified opinion on these consolidated accounts. The Court saw steady improvements in accounting, but still formulated an abstention from the prudential balance sheet due to major uncertainties and missing or insufficiently substantiated data. It also pointed out to the Flemish Parliament that the accounts do not yet contain a coherent overview of the budgetary risks incurred by the Flemish government as a result of policy decisions, events and obligations that are not (yet) included in the accounts, but have budgetary consequences for the future.