Progress of the Flemish Resilience Relaunch Plan - Evaluation report on the information quality of the fifth progress report by the Flemish Government

Dutch speaking chamber on April 27, 2023

In September 2020, the Flemish Government drew up a Flemish recovery plan with 180 projects, with which it aims to absorb the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and to develop a more resilient Flanders. Of these, 55 projects are also part of the national recovery plan, for which Flanders receives European funds. At the request of the Flemish Parliament, the Court of Audit has evaluated the information quality of the Flemish Government's fifth progress report on the implementation of the recovery plan. That report reflected the state of implementation at the end of December 2022. The Court of Audit concluded that progress is noticeable compared to the report at the end of 2021, but that there is still a wide margin for further improvement, especially with regard to the description of milestones, the determination of target values and the description of achievements. Moreover, the financial reporting has not been adjusted in terms of content compared to last year. The Flemish government also does not indicate sufficiently how it fulfills its commitments in the agreements with Europe. Finally, there are indications that a number of projects have been delayed.