Offshore wind farms – Construction, connection and use

general assembly on November 14, 2023

In its audit of the construction, connection and use of offshore wind farms, the Belgian Court of Audit revealed shortcomings in the implementation of the existing wind farms in the eastern zone. It pointed to the relatively long lead times, mainly due to delays in the expansion of the onshore and offshore power grid. Changes in support mechanisms over time have created unfair operating conditions for the wind farms. Moreover, some of the wind farms, especially the most recent ones, may have been making surplus profits. The Court of Audit found that the CREG's advisory and supervisory role should be strengthened in order to achieve a cost-efficient support mechanism for the wind farms and to manage expenditure on reinforcing the power grid. It made recommendations both for the follow-up of the existing wind farms and for the development, implementation and financing of the new wind farms in the Princess Elisabeth Zone.