Implementing and financing the ‘Regional Express (Rail) Network’ (REN)

general assembly on January 25, 2017

In a resolution of 17 March 2016, the Belgian House of Representatives requested the Court of Audit to examine the causes of the REN-Fund failure as well as those of the considerable delay of the REN-implementation works.
The House of Representatives asked the Court of Audit to examine the following:

  1. the use of the REN-Fund since its creation;
  2. the reasons of the cost overruns and of the delays;
  3. the original budget estimates and planning;
  4. the control, follow up and planning methods used (regarding the budget and at various sites);
  5. the co-operation between the different authorities and between the different entities of the Belgian railways group NMBS/SNCB.
The Court of Audit has informed the House of Representatives about the results of its mission in the report ‘Regional Express (Rail) Network (REN) – Implementation and financing’. The report was published today (in French and Dutch) on the Court of Audits website.