Implementation of the Capelo project and processing of electronic data by the Federal Pensions Service – civil service pensions

general assembly on March 29, 2017

In its report to the Federal Parliament, the Court of Audit examines the implementation of the Capelo project, a database which should enable the Federal Pensions Service (FPS) to keep up with the careers of the civil servants. This database should allow to automatically award the public sector pensions. The Court of Audit concludes that the Capelo database is still incomplete, more than a year after the initial deadline (31 December 2015). As a consequence, it is impossible for the FPS to calculate pension estimates for an important number of civil servants, to determine the earliest possible retirement date, or to calculate the pension amount. Moreover, the already registered career data are often incomplete or unreliable. Furthermore, the current calculation programme PenCalc, to which Capelo is linked, still cannot calculate pensions without numerous manual interventions.