Flemish residential care centers

Dutch speaking chamber on March 5, 2024

At the request of the Flemish Parliament, the Court of Audit investigated the financial situation of residential care centers (RCCs) and the deployment of care staff. It noted some differences between RCCs in public, private non-profit and private profit sectors. Weighted average daily prices are highest in the profit sector. The basic care allowance (which the RCC invoices to the resident's healthcare fund) is lower in the profit sector than in the public and non-profit sectors. Ownership structures are also very different: in the profit sector, almost no RCCs own the real estate themselves. However, financial figures of the RCCs in the public and private sectors are difficult to compare due to the lack of sector-specific accounting and reporting. With regard to deployment of healthcare staff, the Court of Audit calculated that a public RCC deploys an average of 6.5 FTEs more than a profit RCC and an average of 3.9 FTEs more than a non-profit RRC.