179th Book – Part II: Social Security Report 2022

general assembly on September 21, 2022

The Belgian Court of Audit has sent its Social Security Report 2022 to the Chamber of Representatives. The report examines the budgetary and financial position of the social security in 2021 (Part I) and provides an update on the impact of the measures taken during the COVID-19 health crisis on the social security revenue and expenditure in 2020. According to provisional figures as at 31 August 2022, the crisis resulted in 892.5 million euros less revenue and 10.3 billion euros more expenditure in 2020. For the years 2021 and 2022, the impact has been estimated at 479.2 million euros and 165.3 million euros in revenue and at 7.1 billion euros and 2.0 billion euros in expenditure. In its report, the Court also covers a series of audits on the financial management of public social security institutions and other social security topics (Parts II-IV).