179th Book – Part I: Observations on the 2021 Accounts of the General Administration, the Administrative Services with Accounting Autonomy, the Administrative Public Bodies and the Equivalent Services

general assembly on July 13, 2022

In part I of its 179th Book, the Court of Audit examines the 2021 accounts of the general administration, the federal administrative services with accounting autonomy, the federal administrative public bodies and equivalent services. Specific remarks are made on the State’s Property Manager (Régie des bâtiments/Regie der Gebouwen), the Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (Fedasil), the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), Credendo, the Royal Theatre of La Monnaie, the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO) and the public institution ensuring public and animal health Sciensano.