High-level conference for the heads of the EU SAIs

High-level conference for the heads of the EU SAIs

In the context of the Belgian EU presidency, the Court of Audit organized a high-level conference for the heads of the EU Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) in the Chamber of Representatives on 18 June 2024. 

The Court welcomed delegations from audit offices from 25 EU countries and Ukraine, from the European Court of Auditors, the OECD, and the NATO Board of Auditors.

The central conference theme was resilience: “Resilient SAIs for Resilient Societies”. Our society is increasingly confronted with system quakes, challenges that can shake up the system itself, such as global warming or the corona pandemic. Society, but also audit institutions, must be ready to respond resiliently to these challenges.

Resilience was discussed from four perspectives, by a total of fourteen speakers, mainly foreign SAI heads and Belgian professors:

  1. climate change, in particular energy;
  2. digitalization;
  3. public finances;
  4. democracy, including independence of SAIs.

In the coming days, the Belgian Court of Audit will publish a concise communiqué that will highlight the most essential ideas to disseminate to our stakeholders. It will also deliver the usual decisions and recommendations resulting from discussions to all participants.