Impact of the Sixth State Reform on Flemish public services

Dutch speaking chamber on December 19, 2017

The Court of Audit examined the impact of the Sixth State Reform on the Flemish government. The administrative services involved have prepared and implemented this complex process pretty well in a short time, although the activities were sometimes delayed. The Court of Audit also calculated that Flanders will have to refund about 1,0 billion euro to the federal authorities in 2018 because the receipts from the personal income tax were originally overestimated, among other things. Furthermore, the Court identified a number of difficulties concerning the transfer of jurisdiction and resources to Flanders, such as poor quality communication between the federal and the Flemish level, a limited transfer of federal staff and an uncomplete follow-up of the expenses regarding the State reform on the Flemish side. Finally, the Court of Audit noted that a number of these expenses differed from the estimates used during the negotiations on the State Reform.