Social Security Report 2014 - The overall financial management schemes and the public social security institutions

general assembly on September 10, 2014

In its Social Security Report 2014, the Court of Audit examines the budget revenue and expenditure of the overall financial management schemes of social security and healthcare for the year 2013. It also presents the outcomes of a number of separate audits on social security issues. The Report consists of 4 parts. In the first part, the budget and the financial situation of the social security in 2013 is analysed, with special attention to the implementation of the economy measures the government imposed on the different schemes, for an estimated value of almost 1,2 billion euros. The second part deals with the financial statements of the public social security institutions and their financial management. The third part presents smaller audits concerning different social security issues and part IV provides a follow-up of the Court’s earlier recommendations on social security