Report on the Public Accounts 2020

Dutch speaking chamber on June 30, 2021

In 2020, new regulations on public finances, such as the new subsidy bill, the new valuation of participations and the new registration of debts for hospital financing, as well as the corona pandemic had a decisive influence on the accounts of the Flemish government. As a result, the balance sheet total rose sharply and Flanders ended the 2020 financial year with a commercial deficit of almost 13 billion euros, while the consolidated debt increased significantly. For the first time, the Court of Audit had to express an opinion on the consolidated and general accounts. It gave an unmodified opinion on the consolidated accounts. It also acknowledged that the general account is improving year by year, but noted large uncertainties and missing data, especially in the corporate balance sheet. Finally, the Court of Audit discussed a number of socially relevant policy themes, such as the measures against COVID-19 and the many waiting lists in Flanders.