Resources for youth in crisis - Analysis of unanswered applications for aid

Dutch speaking chamber on April 10, 2018

On examining the aid given by the Flemish authorities to the youth in crisis, it appeared to the Belgian Court of Audit that over a quarter of underaged children will not be granted access to an aid, monitoring or care module. Among the causes of such deficiency, the aid programme does not allow easy planification and the offer of crisis modules fails to meet the growing demand. The situation is most critical in Flemish Brabant province. Globally speaking, the issue underlying the application does not play a leading role in whether the underaged will or will not be granted aid. Yet, the underaged in conflictual position towards helpers or third parties, or underaged with a handicap, mental problems, or development disorders are less likely to receive crisis aid. The integration of the mental health sector into the crisis networks may help improve the situation.