HR Audit of the War Heritage Institute

general assembly on July 15, 2020

The Belgian Court of Audit examined the War Heritage Institute (WHI)’s staff policy and management. The WHI was created on 1 May 2017 under the federal administration redesign from the merger of four existing bodies: the « Institut des vétérans – Institut national des invalides de guerre, anciens combattants et victimes de guerre » (Veteran Institute – National Institute for War Invalids, Veterans and War Victims), the « Musée royal de l'armée et d'histoire militaire » (Royal Army and Military History Museum), the « Mémorial national du Fort de Breendonk » (Breendonk Fort National Memorial) and the « Pôle historique de la Défense » (Defence Historical Centre). The Court’s audit was intended to verify whether the WHI was created in compliance with the organic law and whether internal control standards regarding staff policy and management have been met. Moreover, many legal shortcomings are still observed three years after the creation of the WHI. This complicates the implementation of a consistent and appropriate staff policy. The Court also noted some shortcomings as regards staff management.