International mobility within the framework of the Erasmus programme

Dutch speaking chamber on November 6, 2012

The policy of the Flemish government doesn’t yet optimally stimulate Erasmus mobility. On the one hand the Flemish government lacks sufficient information about the mobility that has been created. On the other hand some of the policy measurements and actions have been delayed. Without an acceleration the rate of participation aimed for can hardly be obtained. Flanders does co-finance but hasn’t set its budget in accordance with its policy aims. EPOS, the agency that carries out the Erasmus programme, too strongly bases its subsidy granting on past performances of education institutes. Consequently institutes that have created few mobility in the past, cannot easily increase their participation. Flemish universities and colleges of higher education more or less answer to their responsibilities, but they inadequately monitor the quality of the partner institutes and employ a diversity of standards for the composition of foreign study programmes.