Chronological order

This page gives a chronological overview of all publications.

The publications are listed by date of approval by the Court of Audit and regardless of the legislative level to which they were sent.

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  • Provisional results of the Brussels French-speaking Community Commission’s budgetary implementations for 2015
    full details, report
  • Tiende voortgangsrapportage over het Masterplan 2020
    full details, report
  • Court of Audit report on the draft decrees regarding the first adjustment of the German-speaking Community income and expenditure budgets for the financial year 2016
    full details, report
  • APETRA – Performance of public service tasks in 2014
    full details, report in French or Dutch
  • Onderzoek van de aanpassing van de Vlaamse begroting voor 2016
    full details, report