International relations

The bilateral or multilateral relations between the supreme audit institutions (SAIs) in charge of reviewing public finances give an opportunity to discuss matters of common interest, exchange best practices and gather information about the latest progress as regards reviews and professional standards. In other words, these relations allow the SAIs to increase their efficiency as tools of transparency and good governance.

The European Union

The Belgian Court of Audit works hand in hand with the European Court of Audit when the latter verifies the sound management and use of European resources by Belgian authorities.

Besides, the consultation structure set, by the European Court of Audit and the SAIs of the European Union allows them to exchange information and set up cooperative projects on themes of common interest such as budgetary reviews, public procurements or VAT. This consultation structure relies on the meetings meetings between the liaisons officers and the contact committee which the presidents of the SAIs take part to.

International level

Within the Internal Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (Intosai), the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (Eurosai) and the Association of French speaking SAIs (Association des institutions supérieures de contrôle des finances publiques ayant en commun l’usage du français - AISCCUF), the Belgian Court of Audit contributes to the activities of commissions and workgroups and takes part to seminars.

Finally, the Belgian Court of Audit welcomes foreign delegations for a working visit or an information training on the Court’s mission, organisation and working methods.