Accessibility statement

The Belgian Court of Audit undertakes to make this site accessible in accordance with the following legislation: Act of 19 July 2018 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public organisations.

This accessibility statement applies to the website: :

Compliance status

This website does not yet fully comply with the European standard EN 301549 version 3.2.1 (2021), which includes criteria from categories A and AA from the WCAG 2.1 standard.

This website is therefore considered as partially compliant with the Act of 19 July 2018 on the accessibility of websites and mobile applications of public organisations.

Preparation of this statement

An external accessibility audit has been carried out.

The said audit is a simplified analysis.

The accessibility report is available at:

Non-accessible content

  • Certain images used are incorrectly not marked as decorative (WCAG 1.1.1).
  • The organisational chart is an image without a suitable alternative description (WCAG 1.1.1).
  • The search box is not sufficiently labelled to be accessible (WCAG 1.3.1 et 4.1.2).
  • Several titles are in white text on a light blue background with insufficient contrast (WCAG 1.4.3).
  • Several pages contain links to a non-existing anchor link (WCAG 2.4.1).
  • • The language of the page is not stated in the page metadata (WCAG 3.1.1).

One remark in the accessibility report pertains to an erroneous detection: it mentions a missing page title for several URLs, whereas these are RSS feeds and not HTLM pages and therefore do not require a title.

Proposed alternatives

There are currently no alternatives available for the accessibility errors identified.


This website contains a large number of documents that fall under article 4, § 1, of the Act of 19 July 2018, namely: “h) the content of the websites and mobile applications that can be considered as archives, i.e. they only include content that is not required for the purposes of active administration processes and has not been updated or modified since 23 September 2019”.

Contact details

If you have any questions or comments about the accessibility of our website / application, please contact:

In case of access problems, please contact the webmaster.

If you do not receive a response or the response is unsatisfactory, you may contact the federal ombudsman:

Rue de Louvain 48 box 6
1000 Brussels
Federal ombudsman’s website


The Court of Audit is preparing a new website to replace the current one in the relatively near future. The new site is being developed with the utmost attention to accessibility requirements. An internal review will determine how content and document production processes can be adapted to take maximum account of accessibility requirements.

After its launch, the new website will undergo an in-depth accessibility audit.

At the same time, an internal review will be carried out in the short run to determine to what extent it is still possible to remedy the accessibility errors that have been identified on the current website during the simplified audit and, in so doing, maximise its accessibility.

This statement was drawn up on 07/11/2023.

This statement was last revised on 07/11/2023.